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|1| Name: Emine (Pernounced Uhmeenuh.)
|2| Age | Sex | Status 15 | Womyn | Single
|3| Where Do You Live Clearwater Beach, Florida
|4| Are You Funk? Why? All I ever think about is music and fashion. I think that makes me hella funk.
|5| Music: Indie, electro, and grind mostly. Le Tigre, The Locust, Belle and Sebastian, Gravy Train!!!!, Metric, The Moldy Peaches, The Pixies, and Ladytron are a few of my very favorites.
|6| Books: A Clockwork Orange and The Feminine Mystique.
|7| Movies: Amelie.
|8| Five Things You Love | Love To Do: Make clothes, dance my face off, go to shows, write, and go on picnics and bike rides. 
|9| Promote us in one community and post the link here
|0| Do You Know Who Kim Deal Is? Yes'm I do. The Pixies own me. And everyone else for that matter.


 I couldn't help but put cat power lyrics on it. Sorry.


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