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How Funk Am I?

|1| Name Natalia

|2| Age | Sex | Status 17 years young, I have a vagina & I'm spoken for

|3| Where Do You Live El Centro, CA

|4| Are You Funk? Why? You bes' believe it, son! "When I was a baby, the funk came a-knocking. The cribs in my town all started rocking" & I use to have a photojournal called how_funk

|5| Music- The Bled, The Roots, Atmosphere, Hot Hot Heat, The Faint, Ben Kweller, Misfits, Skankin' Pickle, etc. etc.

|6| Books Catcher in the Rye <3

|7| Movies Any QUENTIN TARANTINO film & corny scary movies.

|8| Five Things You Love | Love To Do Loved Ones/ Music/ Penguins/Sharks/ DINOSAURS!

|9| Promote us in one community and post the link here BAM!

|0| Do You Know Who Kim Deal Is? The girly from the Pixies :]

& I'm spent!
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