Headless Angel (zenshiva) wrote in how_______funk,
Headless Angel

trying my photos again

|1| Name : ALi
|2| Age | Sex | Status : 25, F, Married
|3| Where Do You Live: birthtown of Kim Deal (no shit!) Dayton, OH
|4| Are You Funk? Why? Oh yeah! I'm funk because I've seen, heard, done, and experienced just about every cool thing in this midwest town!
|5| Music: stellastarr*, the strokes, tom waits, flaming lips, outkast, old skool beastie boys, the black keys, hot hot heat, sonic youth, buju banton, THE BREEDERS (hee hee), modest mouse, the white stripes, the tossers, etc
|6| Books: memoirs of a geisha, naked lunch, Imagica (any Clive Barker), dairies of anais ninn, BUST MAGAZINE!
|7| Movies: heavenly creatures, amelie, Frida, run lola run, DAncer in the Dark, brotherhood of the wolf, usual suspects, KILL BILL
|8| Five Things You Love | Love To Do: 1. listen to music 2. painting/photogrpahy 3. have lots of good sex! 4. help women give birth (I'm a doula) 5. drink martinis and eat from fondues
|9| Promote us in one community and post the link here http://www.livejournal.com/community/cuntlovinladies/
|0| Do You Know Who Kim Deal Is? not only do i know who she is......i live in her hometown, I frequent clubs she hung out in, and went to see her play with Guided By Voices way back in 95 before they got big!!

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